Stormy tells the unvarnished truth about an unlikely American icon, Stormy Daniels. This time, in her own words.

Working with director Sarah Gibson and the post production team, I created the graphics package for the film. There were many voices in the story who don’t necessarily have faces, from social media to news media, I designed and built methods for us to portray these voices through graphics alongside stylistic and tasteful presentation of photos, typography and of course the film’s branding.

Produced by Erin Lee Carr, and executive produced by Judd Apatow, Sara Bernstein and Meredith Kaulfers (Imagine Documentaries), the film takes the audience behind the curtain as Stormy navigates being a mother, an artist, and an advocate working hard to reinvent herself, while still grappling with the bombshell that went off in her life five years earlier.

Stormy premiered at SXSW 2024 and is available to stream exclusively on Peacock.


Creative Director – Graphics