I’ll Have What Phil’s Having

In late 2014 through to early 2015 I worked with Design Director Adam Lupsha and Lead Designer Naoko Saito to create a title sequence for a new show hosted by Phil Rosenthal, the creator of “Everybody Loves Raymond”. Based on Phil’s personality and his relationship (or lack thereof) with food in his early life, we decided to take a playful approach to the title sequence.

To capture the sequence we used two DSLR cameras, each hooked up to a computer equipped with DragonFrame software. One of the cameras was mounded on a motorized motion-controlled dolly for which we had programmed specific increments of distance to travel per each frame. We devised a storyboard timed perfectly so that we could then overlay it on the capture viewfinder as we shot the whole sequence in one stop-motion take. The concept was ambitious but the months of preparation allowed us to get through the entire sequence in just two days.


Animator, Production Designer.