Starbucks Baya: The Energy Makers Lab with Jordan Fisher

In February 2022 I teamed up with Feral Director, Poppy Gordon to create a bright and energetic video for the launch of Baya – a new energy drink from Starbucks.

We worked with brand ambassador Jordan Fisher for the opening scene, as well as 5 Social Media Makers: KarenXchen, Justin Vibes, Cache Bunny, Tommy Lundberg and Lauren Hom to create a seamless video comprising 6 unique sections. To pre-visualize the sequence Poppy and I met with each of the makers to discuss their ideas and ways in which we could transition between each scene in an exciting way. I then created an animatic storyboard which was sent to all the makers so they had a guide to work from. I was then responsible for creating the VFX transitions so that each maker’s scene would seamlessly transform into the next one and adding some animated touches to help the spot shine. Read more about it here.


Visual Effects Supervisor, Visual Effects Artist, Designer & Animator