An unknown writer becomes an overnight media sensation when her public throw down with a finance douche goes viral.

As the clock ticks on Twinkle Reddy’s 15 minutes of fame, PROBLEMATIC follows her changing relationships with her obnoxious boss, a deranged work rival, her carefree BFF, and most of all — herself.

Originally a pilot gaining recognition from Austin Film Festival and Sundance Episodic Lab, PROBLEMATIC has been realized as a short-form 6-episode series from BRIC TV in association with Paradoxic Films. Executive-Produced by, in addition to our creators, Kuye Youngblood, Kecia Élan Cole, and Grace Sin, PROBLEMATIC the digital series was directed by Sushma Khadepaun and stars Deepti Menon, Austin Ku, Usama Siddiquee and Devyn Inez Fusaro.

I worked with the team in 2022 to create all of the in-series graphics, including the title sequences, a unique color scheme for each of the 6 episodes that reflects the themes of the episode.


Creative Director – Graphics