Bubble Scum: The Giraffes Music Video

Teaming up with Dirty Work and Damien Paris of The Giraffes, I had the pleasure of creating a tiny stage and tiny instruments for a tiny band (what else could I wish for?).

To us there is nothing like a Giraffes show: exhilarating, revitalizing, beautifully destructive, surprising and always outlined with a trace of fear. An evening with The Giraffes is a celebration of humanity unified in the power and spirit of Rawk against the oppressive forces of the Man. In making this video we wanted to try and recreate some of that experience in their live performances while commenting on the current climate of disconnection by highlighting the duality of the appendage that has brought about so much destruction and yet can spread so much love.

From the band:

What is the song “Bubble Scum” about? Glad you asked. It’s is a desert rock dirge about crisis capitalism told from the point of view of an arch creep who’s seen it all and done a little more. A character who’s skepticism in humanity extends into everything. These lyrics came to me while thinking about how little we all do forgo the looming environmental disaster “what we feel doesn’t change the things we do” – just like a frog in that slowly warming pot of water. “It’s almost here” can sound horrible to someone who’s just trying to make a living in a deteriorating precarious existence but the same line can sound like a dinner bell to a rapacious oligarch who’s leveraging every bad thing into more power and influence for themselves. Things are set to get ‘realer’ so we’re heartened to see younger people are not as fatalistic and complacent as our generation. Right on kids.

The song “Bubble Scum” is featured on The Giraffes’ latest record: THE FLOWER OF THE COSMOS.


Art Director, Production Designer, VFX Artist, Title Designer.